Armed Militias at Virginia State Capitol for Lobby Day.

January 17 2022 – RICHMOND, Virginia: Armed Militias and 2A supporters gathered at the Virginia Capitol to Lobby on MLK day. Standing in front of a sign that forbids guns, two armed yong women say “this sign is stupid,” and “we have the courtesy to show our teeth before we bite.”

The “Patriot Food Drive” was set up for Lobby Day in Richmond, Virginia and organized by VMAG, Boogaloo Bois, BLM757, Liberate RVA and affiliates groups.

At one point two groups, BLM 757 and Boogaloo Bois marched to the state capitol where police turned them around saying they don’t have a permit to be in the space.

They had been told to stay across the street. The police told multiple groups to back off the grounds of the state capitol, and they discussed locations where the protesters could carry their weapons.

“A militia does a whole lot more than just running around with guns looking cool,” said one armed protester.”

“We have a responsibility as a people to look after each other and take care of each other.” He spoke in front of the Patriot food drive where they collected food to donate at the event. An airplane flew over the Capitol building with a sign that read, “Repeal all gun control.”

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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