Community Mourns The Senseless Killing of Teenage Burger King Employee

January 11 2022 Manhattan, New York – Community and Elected officials gathered outside of a Burger King in East Harlem where a teenage employee was shot and killed just days ago. New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the 19-year-old victim’s cousin spoke to press about the senseless killing.

“I’m not going to accept the conditions as a reason to have violence in my city and it is unacceptable to me, the person who did this must be caught.

Those who carry guns in my city, we’re going to find you.

You have an opportunity to go and get the services and be a part of organizations and groups and get your life together.

You have an opportunity to not bring violence but you will not use your condition as an excuse to take the life of a 19-year-old, it is unacceptable and I’m not going to tolerate it.

That is the city, I know we can have and that is what we want to do. That is why I chose the police commission that is aligned with my desire to make my city safe.

I saw that mother yesterday. I saw her, I went to her home and I saw her. I saw her pain and I’m not going to rationalize why someone was shooting a 19-year-old after he got the money and went back and shot. It is not acceptable.” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

A makeshift vigil continues to grow as a community mourns the death of the teenage Burger King employee who was shot and killed during a robbery while working the night shift. Family members tell us she had recently starting working at the restaurant. The establishment remains closed.

On January 09, 2022 – Manhattan, NY: Just after 1:00 a.m., NYPD officers responded to 911 calls of shots fired inside of a Burger King at E116th Street and Lexington Avenue where a teenage female cashier was reported shot during a late night robbery.

When police from the 25th precinct arrived on scene, officers located a 19-year-old female employee with a critical gunshot wound to the torso, said police.

According to NYPD officials, detectives are searching for a male suspect that made off with an unknown amount of money and also attacked a patron and managed of the establishment. The two additional victims are in good condition, police said.

The teenage female cashier was rushed to an area hospital with a severe gunshot wound and was pronounced dead, police said.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Video by our team of Journalists Ken Lopez, Dakota Santiago, & Martin Callender (FreedomNewsTV)

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