Anti-Mandate Activists Protest at Trump Tower Restaurant on January 6 Anniversary

January 06, 2021 – Manhattan, New York City: One year after the storming of the Capitol building in Washington D.C., a group of anti-mandate activists held a protest at Trump Grill for the second time.

The Trump Tower Restaurant is now requiring proof of vaccination for dine in patrons and activists today opposed this ruling.

“January 6, we thought it would be a fun time to come to Trump Grill, since his name is all over the press today. He still has power as a media presence, as a private citizen, so here we are in his building.

Where he’s probably unaware that employees are segregating against the unvaxxed and that’s what we’re doing, we’re proving that fact. We’re here with blacks law (Blacks Law Dictionary) telling this “MC” that the mandates are unconstitutional, we do not comply.

We do not agree, we’re not in contract with them. We just ask for a table, and here we stand, 20 minutes later, 30 minutes later, it’s gonna be whatever. We’ll be here just proving that we’re being segregated against and segregation is not equality.”, said one of the Anti-Mandate protesters to our journalist.

The group interacted peacefully with patrons as one activist quoted law definitions according to the Blacks Law Dictionary he carried throughout the demonstration.

Activists with New York Freedom Rally put out a statement that said “They have nothing to do with any plans at Trump Tower or anywhere else today and completely disavow whoever passed out flyers pretending to represent NYFR.”

Video by Ken Lopez (FreedomNewsTV)

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