“Peacekeeping” Military will be sent to Kazakhstan Protests

According to the New York Times, a Russian-led military announced that they would send “peacekeeping forces” to Kazakhstan to help with the growing protests.

Around 3600 People are said to be brought to Kazakhstan from Russia, Belorussia, Kurdistan and other countries.

Armenian prime Minister, who is the current chairman of the alliance, said that the troops would be stationed there only “for a limited time period,” until order could be restored, according to the New York Times.

On January 5 2022 – ALMATY, Kazakhstan: On Wednesday protests in Almaty erupted over a fuel price increase. Demonstrations around the largest city of Kazakhstan turned violent as groups of people stormed the city’s main administrative building.

Military forces used metal barricades to keep people from gaining entry into the Akimat Building, however protesters were able to capture the city administration building that houses the head of the local government.

Thick smoke emanated from the the administration building that was allegedly set ablaze as other protesters seized military vehicles and others looted stores.

According to the Deputy Akim, all employees were able to safely evacuate the administration building.

Video by Leo for FreedomNewsTV

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