New York City Mayor Ducks Out Of Walkout Ceremony, Avoiding Press and Protesters

December 30, 2021 – MANHATTAN, New York: On the last day of his term, Mayor DeBlasio was scheduled to be at City Hall for “Walkout Ceremony.” Dozens of protesters gathered outside as part of Scott Lobaido’s “Get The F**k Outta Here” party to counter the mayor’s traditional ceremony.

Press lined up to enter on the side of city hall, waiting for about an hour, in order to enter the outdoor grounds of City Hall where the official event was planned to take place.

Across the driveway from the press line and just outside of the city hall grounds, protesters chanted and yelled and cursed with bullhorns and amplifiers, some also using noise machines and popping confetti as the mayor’s team prepared for the event.

According to the mayors office, the ceremony was scheduled to start at 3 p.m., but the event started two hours late.

After the press waiting for about an hour and a half on the grounds for the event to begin, City Hall staff without warning removed the Mayor’s podium from the press area outdoor, leaving everyone confused.

A short time later the press were informed that they would be moved inside, into a confined space, in time to watch the outgoing mayor bump elbows with his staff and others as he walked down the rotunda stairs inside City Hall for the last time.

“What we did here for 8 years has profoundly changed the city and the effects of what we have done have only begun to be felt,” said Mayor de Blasio speaking to a crowd staff members and cameras in the city hall rotunda.

The outgoing mayor then walked back up the staircase, and members of the press was told to wait outside for his official Walk Out shot.

Shortly after, a Mayor’s aid came out saying there was a “change of plans,” and that de Blasio would be staying inside to work and would not be walking out following the event.

About 10 minutes after nearly all of the media had left, according to police sources on scene, Mayor de Blasio left in an black SUV. Police told people to stand back and car drove by the Trump 2024 and Let’s Go Brandon flags that the few remaining protesters were waving.

Protesters launched confetti at a different black SUV they believed had the outgoing mayor sitting inside as the vehicle drove away from city hall some time earlier, but the mayor was not in that vehicle.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster and @NewYorkCityPeople (FreedomNewsTV)

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  1. Good to see at least some NYers maintain the attitude of defiance.

    Mayor Homer is soon gone. Be glad, but learn the lesson. Stop putting scum in office and keep refusing their idiotic orders.

    And I recommend at least one million NYC residents start open-carrying a sidearm.

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