Kentucky Family In Despair After Deadly Tornado Destroys Their Home

The Kirks family took shelter in the middle of their home as the storm rolled in last Friday evening but their safe haven came crashing down as a deadly Tornado ripped through their modest home with ease. Destroying everything in its path from the living room, directly through into the kitchen which is located at the back of the residence.

Angela Kirks said “It was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. We all looked at each other. We’re like, this is it, there’s no way. I mean whole house was shaking”

Their nightmare that evening would get worse when a water tower near their home collapsed. The Kirks recall the frightening ordeal of being trapped inside their home in water up to their chin.

“The water tower in the backyard fell. All that water rushed through and we was chest deep in water from that. And then finally we got where we could stand up from the current.” Said Angela Kirks recounting some of the most terrifying moments from the tornado.

Standing in the rubble of her once home, Angela tells our journalist “I’m making it but I want to go home.” She also explains to us how her and her families lives changed in an instant. “I don’t know where we’re going. I don’t know what we’re doing day by day.”

The Kirks and their two teenagers were trapped in their home for over an hour. It also took them about two more hours to walk through the thick debris and destruction left behind.

The Kirks family are now staying with one of their daughters and living off a fixed income. They’re now having to figure out the process of starting over. The tornado that ripped through the Kirks home in Mayfield Kentucky has left the family devastated.

Thomas’s brother David has created a GoFundMe account to help the Kirks family during this trying time. They lost all their clothing and personal belongings and any donations are greatly appreciated. The humble family also thanks everyone who simply has them in their thoughts.

Angela Kirks shows us the extent of the damage to her home and mentions to us that the family is focused on attempting to salvage any personal items they can find. Such as photos and family keepsakes. They lost everything and unfortunately did not have the luxury of home owners insurance.

Mr Priddi lives on the same street as the Kirks family. Unbeknownst to Priddi, he would be an unlikely hero to many and the calm in the storm.

“I told people years ago, right here in Mayfield, I said everything always go around Mayfield. Go around Mayfield, I said one day, God gonna send something right to the heart of Mayfield. And he sent something through the heart and ripped it out.” said Mr. Priddi

He goes on to tell us about the moments leading up to finding his friend and neighbor Forrest. Priddi recounts how he had to make his way through a maze of debris to save his neighbor.

“And then we came and we’re maneuvering our way around here. And we’re moving all wires all down right in there and we were moving our way around here. We came up right here through that tree. Climbed over this one over here. And then we maneuver our way around there right to here. That’s when I seen his hand just like that. That’s when I said “oh my god.”

Before the night was over Mr. Priddi had reuinted families, saved the life of a neighbor and even managed to drive three people to a nearby hospital.

Other families in Mayfield met a most unfortunate fate that terrible evening. According to an article by CBS News a mother in Mayfield clutched onto her her 1-year-old and 3-year-old sons as her home buckled onto them. The 3-year-old was eventually pulled from the rubble and did not survive his injuries.

As of Wednesday December 15 the total of lives lost around Kentucky alone has reached 74; of which 12 are children.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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