Catastrophic Tornado Leaves 74 Dead in Kentucky, Destruction Zones Surveyed

December 14th, 2021 – Cleanup efforts continue following a deadly tornado in Mayfield Kentucky on December 10 that destroyed several buildings and caused massive damage in three other surrounding states.

According to the Governor of Kentucky, the death toll from across the state rose to 74 with over 100 Kentuckians still unaccounted for.

Dark scenes of twisted metal and debris from destroyed homes make up the rubble around Mayfield, Kentucky. Residents rummaging through once personal items as workers used heavy machinery to clear away the destruction.

Multiple reports of tornado sightings throughout the state of Kentucky were reported however the National Weather Service hasn’t been able to confirm if the destruction was caused by one or multiple tornadoes.

In Cambridge Kentucky we spoke with a member of the U.S. National Guard about his experience with rescue efforts following such a destructive event.

“Right after the tornado, around one o’clock in the morning, I got the phone call, asking us to be ready and be on standby for everything. And after that we activated that following morning and got prepared and everything. I really don’t have too much information because I was at home at the time but my leadership was pretty quickly activated.

Our governor was pretty quick about it. Everything went pretty smoothly, once we activated everything, we got everything ready to go.” Said National Guardsman Harris.

“I personally didn’t get to the rescue, but I knew a lot of people that was in the candle factory at the time. I know one of my old time high school friends and actually, one of my battle buddies was trapped in there but she made it out safely. And a few of my friends who work that morning thank God they didn’t go in at night. And my cousin’s boyfriend lost, his dad.”

Harris is speaking about the aftermath at the Mayfield Candle Factory. The building was among one of the hardest hit in the area and collapsed Friday night, while many were still inside working.

All candle factory employees who were considered missing are now accounted for however eight employees have been confirmed dead.

Harris went on to say, “I’m glad a majority of them got out safely and I’m sorry about everybody who was trapped in their, I just wish everybody could have got out safely. We responded pretty quickly.”

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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