Park Protectors Battle with NYPD to Save East River Park

December 12, 2021 – East River Park construction has been ongoing as efforts to save the 46 acres of land also continues. Park supporters are saying no to the ESCR Project or the East Side Coastal Resiliency plan to build a levee for flood control. The project that runs from East 25th Street down to Montgomery Street started nearly a year ago.

Community members, activists, and elected officials gathered at East River Park Sunday morning to voice their concerns over the demolition of 46 acres land and some of the oldest trees in the city, that many rely on.

Many supporters feel the plan should be to cover the FDR in order to protect the neighboring community from emissions, not to destroy the current park. The city’s plan is to reduce the risk of flooding on Manhattan’s East Side due to severe storms and rising sea levels. Part of the funding for the project comes from the federal government.

According to an article by Fox5NY, The city of New York has reviewed a judges court order and doesn’t feel the order prevents construction. Also citing that the court has already decided twice in the city’s favor on the matter.

As the group marched to the amphitheater, some of the people marching could be seen entering the area of the park closed off to the public. Responding officers told protesters to leave, even pushing a temporary construction fence closed, as some protesters tried to stop the cops from shutting the gate.

The East River Park Amphitheater was rebuilt by the city and dedicated to the children whose parents died on the September 11th attacks. Park supporters have been battling to also preserve that history as they attempt to save 991 mature trees.

Multiple People were arrested today for their demonstration. Activists recently received a court-ordered injunction, or Temporary Restraining Order, to allow further research ahead of construction that they feel is currently being violated at the park.

According to @ERPAction, on December 16 2021, court has denied their motion and the ESCR Project or the East Side Coastal Resiliency plan will continue.

Motion for leave to appeal denied. Motion for a stay dismissed as academic. Motion to hold respondent in contempt denied.

Video and Stills by our team of Journalists Oliya Scootercaster, Karla Cote, and @NewYorkCityPeople (FNTV

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