Fox News Christmas Tree Is Back Up Once Again Following Blaze

December 09, 2021 – Just one day after an arsonist set fire to the Fox News Christmas Tree, on Thursday evening the holiday decorative piece was rebuilt and lit back up again.

The area in front of the News Corp Building on W 48th Street & 6th Avenue was packed for a ceremonial tree lighting event held in Fox Plaza just outside of the Sixth Avenue media headquarters in Midtown Manhattan.

Families and tourists watched holiday performances on a stage set up near the plaza as they waited for the tree to be lit.

Protesters against Fox News also gathered at the event. The group held a banner and chanted “Fox Lies, Democracy Dies!” against the media company.

On Wednesday December 08, 2021, 49-year-old Craig Tamanaha, was taken into custody for setting fire to the large decorative Christmas tree in Fox Square.

Credit: Citizen App Footage

The troubled Tamanaha, is a homeless individual, known to the police for having multiple interactions with the NYPD.

According to a citizen report, Early Wednesday morning, responding officers requested firefighters to the News Corp Building on W 48th Street & 6th Avenue in Midtown around 12:15 a.m., for a trash fire.

Soon after the request was made, a decorative Christmas tree was engulfed in flames and police could be seen arresting one male suspect on citizen app footage. Onlookers observed the Christmas decorations at Fox Square burning to a charred total loss.

Although the motive for the fire is still unknown, according to an article by NBC4 New York, police determined the blaze allegedly set by the 49-year-old male was not politically motivated and the suspect acted alone.

In total, three decorative Christmas trees were damaged in the 6th Avenue blaze, police said.

Tamanaha, the man who is accused of setting Newscorp Fox News tree on fire was released without bail following the Christmas tree incident. According to online reports, he was previously arrested for exposing himself outside Ghislaine Maxwell Trial.

Videos by our team of Journalists, Kevin RC Wilson & Dakota Santiago (FNTV

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