Cops Help Tourists Get Pictures of Rockefeller Tree as the View Obscured by Busses and Tarps

December 1 2021 Manhattan, New York – a large crowd gathered just outside the Rockafeller Tree lighting, tree once again blocked by bus and trash bags. As the main viewing area was overflowed and closed, crowds searched for any access to view the tree, finding a mere glimpse at 5th between 49th and 50th Street.

As the tree lit up everyone tried to get a picture, using long selfie sticks, climbing, some booing.

Eventually NYPD officers moved the tarp for a moment so people could get a shot, another person working with the NYPD took people’s phones to get a picture for them from the top of the NYPD truck. That went on for quite a while.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster and @NewYorkCityPeople and Karla Ann Cote (FNTV

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