Proud Boys Join Anti-Mandate Protests in NYC

November 20, 2021 Manhattan, New York – Just one day after hundreds took to the streets in NYC protesting against the Rittenhouse trial verdict, anti-mandate protesters took over the streets of Manhattan.

A contingent of the Proud Boys, along with the Freedom Rally group demonstrated against vaccine mandates near Columbus Circle earlier today.

The Proud Boys stated they were at the “Anti-Mandate Freedom Rally” along Central Park in Manhattan as security.

The anti-mandate protesters were observed putting stickers that read “UNMASKED UNVAXXED UNAFRAID” on almost every street sign and light pole they passed as they marched throughout NYC.

The group marching was heard chanting “We the people, will not comply.”

Anti-Vaccine Mandate Rally’s were held all over the world and thousands marched through the streets of Manhattan today as part of this global event.

Once the Proud Boys left the Freedom Rally, they took to the subway from Grand Central Station.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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