NEW YORK: Parents and Activists Protest Against Vaccination Mandates For Children At Staten Island School

November 15 2021 Staten Island, New York –

Recently in New York City, schools have been hosting pop up vaccination sites for students. One of the sites is currently at the PS 56 school in Staten Island

As students arrived for school on Monday morning, parents and activist rallied outside of the PS 56 school.

The rally spoke out against COVID-19 vaccination mandates for children at schools across New York, and also against vaccination stations on school grounds.

One of the speakers addressing the crowd said,

“Make no mistake, they’re going to attempt to mandate the vaccine in more areas than they already have. Forcing anyone to get this vaccine is an abomination. This vaccine has resulted in people’s deaths and in severe life changing injuries.

This is a medical choice that should be up to each individual person without any pressure or force from other entities, yet here we are. They’re going to attempt to mandate it for our children, just like the flu shot is required for schools.”

We spoke with that same speaker who went on to say

Rally Speaker. (Photo by Jon Farina (FNTV

“I don’t believe in, in-school vaccination sites. I think it’s a little bit reckless. Some huge errors are occurring at the in-school vaccination sites; as far as what’s being injected, diluents and dosages and things like that. People are very naive and not aware. I don’t think that this belongs in the schools.”

Video by Jon Farina (FNTV

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