Two Opposing Groups Protest Mandates Outside NYC Pfizer

November 13 2021 Manhattan NY – Some leaders from a local anti-mandate group chose not to affiliate protesters belonging to the group, America First, who were holding a similar rally simultaneously outside Pfizer Headquarters. The groups were clearly split about a half a block apart along 42nd street.

NYFreedomRally put out a statement saying “Today’s organizers completely disavow infiltrators and trolls attempting to link medical freedom with extremist ideologies, namely Nick Fuentes and “V🪓 watch.””

A small altercation occured as several America First protesters and supporters marched over to the local anti-mandate group and shouted, “this is what you wanted, you separated us.”

The leader of the America First group, Nick Fuentes, said, “you can shoot me, you can stab me, you can arrest me, you can beat me up, but I will not comply!”he joked about wearing a bullet proof vest while speaking.

At the local groups protest, about a hundred people gathered in front of Pfizer headquarters.
“Shame on you, you all need to have a f*cking vaccine!” said a passer-by. The crowd booed him as he walked off.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster and @NewYorkCityPeople (FNTV

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