MANHATTAN: America First Protesters Face Off with BLM in NYC

November 13 2021 Manhattan, New York America First with Nick Fuentes and supporters held a rally outside of Gracie Mansion earlier today. The group gathered to speak against vaccination mandates.

They were met with a counter protest of about 25 BLM members and affiliated groups.

“They aren’t gonna let me in their city” said Nick Fuentes. “This is my city!” Fuentes added.

The crowd chanted “Fuck Antifa” after someone threw stink bombs and personal alarm devices at the feet of about 50 America First supporters.

“We are not just coming for New York, we are not just coming for Chicago, we are not just coming for LA, we are coming to take this whole country back! ” said Nick Fuentes of America First as him and groypers marched in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

At one point the small counter protest marched with bull horns in hand towards the America First crowd chanting “Black Lives Matter!”

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (

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