“We’ll Shut City Down” BLM Meets with NYC Mayor Elect Eric Adams

November 9 2021 Brooklyn , New York – Hawk Newsome of BLM Greater New York just got a message that Mayor Elect Eric Adams will meet with them..

They went inside and spoke for about 20 minutes. Video of the meeting live stream is by @BLMDee_ on Instagram.

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As members of the press were not allowed inside the meeting, here is a quote from Hawk Newsome on what was discussed in their meeting with Eric Adams:

“1. We laid out holistic approach to stopping crime.

2. We explained that the answer to violence is opportunity & ending poverty, not police.

3. Our people need healthy free plant based meals” wrote BLM Greater New York founder Hawk Newsome on his Instagram.

BLM Activist Dezmond also spoke at the meeting with Eric Adams, he spoke about Mikey Rosado, who was shot and killed by the police in a Bronx incident.

Video by @BlmDee_ on Instagram

Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Greater New York Chivona Newsome said “If he wants to see the city in an uprising, we can give him that. If he wants to end poverty because that’s the real reason for gun violence” she added “We are here for that as well”

“We have people in City Council who can create problems for him, we have people in the streets who can create problems for him” said Hawk Newsome

Video by Oliya Scootercaster

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