NYPD: Armed Man Shot by Police in Manhattan Park

November 07, 2021 Manhattan, New York – Officers from the 33rd Precinct responded to a call of shots fired inside of Fort Washington Park at W168 and Hudson Greenway, in the Washington Heights neighborhood yesterday evening.

Police encountered a male armed with a firearm while canvassing the park. Officers ordered the armed individual to drop the firearm but the armed male did not comply, police said.

According to the NYPD, after numerous verbal commands in english and spanish to drop his weapon, the suspect pointed the gun in the direction of the officers.

Police discharged their service weapons striking the male in the midsection. The suspect was transported by EMS to St. Luke’s Hospital and is in stable condition.

The officers were taken to an area hospital for evaluation

A firearm was recovered at the scene and the investigation remains ongoing.

Video by Daniel Valls (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

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One Comment

  1. Another artificial story, concocted by the usual suspects. They always leave their calling card:
    “Officers from the 33rd Precinct”.
    They will continue “chipping away” at the 2nd amendment…on paper, at least. This is where these stories come in. They know these stories are overdone and tiresome at this point – hell, even some of the sheep majority are getting wise to this fakery. But alas, they have to follow appropriate protocol to CTA.
    The 2nd amendment is long gone – they just haven’t reached the point yet of going full-bore. This suggests some fear on their part – yes, they are afraid of the white, heterosexual, armed male…hell, female, too.

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