Community Vigil for 8 Dead Following Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival

November 08, 2021 A small makeshift memorial was erected just outside of the festival grounds in remembrance of the 8 people who died. Those who came to mourn the eight festival attendees laid flowers and wrote messages on posters.

50,000 concertgoers attended the Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas this past Friday. Many injuries were reported and at least eight deaths occurred during the festival.

According to officials, the youngest victim was 14-years-old and a 10-year-old remains in critical condition.

It’s estimated that about 1,300 Houston Police Officers were at the event.

Before and During rapper Travis Scott’s set, authorities say the crowd surged towards the stage injuring many who were at the front against the barricade nearest the stage.

We spoke with long time Houston resident visiting the makeshift vigil today who said “going forward, I don’t wanna see any young concert like this or young-goers outdoors if they can not have proper precautions for crowd control. Crowd control and age range.”

Scott has adopted a punk rock ethos, I.E. mosh pits, crowd surfing and stage diving. All of which have become norms at his concerts. For some this may heighten the danger.

According to numerous circulating videos of the event, during his set, Travis could be heard saying into the microphone as he addressed his band “Hold, Hold, hold, hold, just play it slowly”

It’s in this moment that Scott acknowledges a member of the audience is in distress and in need of assistance.

“We need somebody to help him, somebody passed out right here. Somebody passed out right here, hold on, don’t touch him, don’t touch him. Everybody just back up. Security, somebody help, jump in real quick.” Said Travis.

The incident caused panic with crowd and overwhelmed the concert staff.

Several lawsuits have already been filed against Scott and festival organizers. Houston Police say a criminal investigation into the crowd surge that turned deadly is ongoing.

Video by Ken Lopez (FNTV

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