Columbia University Evacuated due to ‘Swatting Prank’

November 07, 2021 – MANHATTAN, New York – Multiple buildings were evacuated at Columbia University after a specific threat to the campus was received.

NYPD could be seen investigating on the Columbia University grounds. Witnesses described seeing people running during the evacuation of the campus.

Carman, Lerner, and Butler Hall were both evacuated after the bomb threats earlier today that was determined to be a “swatting” prank, according to the NYPD.

It is still unknown who is responsible for the fake emergency calls that shut down two buildings at Columbia University Sunday afternoon.

According to Columbia University, emergency notifications went out via text message notifying students of the incident. However it’s being reported that not all students may have received the texts.

According to NYPD, the threats to multiple buildings on the Columbia campus were not credible and the university was reopened.

Two other Ivy League universities also received threats and had to be evacuated. Cornell University received threats of an active shooter today and Yale University received multiple bomb threats on Friday.

According to a local Columbia University paper, Columbia Spectator, threat may have originated from this post.

Authorities have not linked the threats against the Ivy League schools.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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  1. Oh – “prank” does not apply here. A prank is leaving a bag of flaming dog crap on someone’s doorstep. Calling in bomb threats to facilities housing large numbers of people, prompting the involvement of law enforcement and specialty intelligence (bomb squad, etc.) at the tax payer’s expense is NOT a “prank”.
    I’m surprised they didn’t create the culprit as a lone, white, heterosexual male, preferably one with a swastika tattoo, confederate flag hoisted up on his pickup truck, and a manifesto espousing “white supremacist” ideologies conveniently sitting shotgun in his redneck special truck. I guess they had to let the white man sit this one out – they don’t want to make things look any more absurdly obvious than they already are.

  2. I love how they use the word/term “swatting”, as if this is a commonly known expression. They are making up their own words for their own fakery – to make it “stick and stay”, to make it “cool” and “trending” – to make it “go viral”. PATHETIC.
    I know real words. I had to look up “swatting” and of course, even on DDG (yes I realize this is another owned by “them” search engine, but for now, it yields somewhat decent results), it was the first thing to come up – with a wikipedia page, of course.
    The sayanim and IDF ‘student’ soldiers are busy typing away, I see.

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