Proud Boys and Community Protest after Wisconsin teen says teacher duct taped mask to his face, School “Closed for Safety”

Proud Boys and other local groups and community members, gathered in Beloit Wisconsin to protest. About 42 people stood across from Beloit School Board building, with signs.

Wisconsin police have launched an investigation after a student at a local Beloit public school, claimed that a teacher had taped his mask to his head. Family posts online claim it left an injury to the boy’s neck.

The 13-year-old student said he had difficulty breathing in the mask and when he pulled it down he says his teacher reportedly told him to put it back on.

Then teacher allegedly took some tape and proceeded to tape the mask to the student’s face.

On the day of the rally a memo was sent out. “Due to safety concerns” school says  they are closed today for their students and faculty today due to the proud boys rally

According to a memo sent out by the school, who was working with local officials, determined the safety of their students was at risk with the protest outside and decided to close for the day.

“Considering the behaviors, actions and language of certain groups who do not consider the safety and well being of others, our buildings are closed and there is no school for today.”

The event ended within 1.5 hours without any issues.

The school district sent Fox News a statement regarding this alleged incident: Saying that police have investigated the matter and “determined there was no violation of local or state laws.”.

“I am here before you to address the allegations made yesterday to the media and on social media. The media reported these allegations by a parent as true, stating there was an incident involving a child in a classroom. We worked in collaboration with the City of Beloit Police Department; they have investigated these allegations and have determined there was no violation of local or state laws,”  said Superintendent Dan Keyser in the statement.

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  1. the only people not concerned with students’ safety is the school district. face masks not only don’t work, they cause harm. The CDC itself,and yes,even Dr. Death himself has said so. The event was planned for the administration building at 3pm so as NOT to disrupt classes. The Proud Boys stood by silently on the corner. Some students walked right up to us and asked for information on the event. they felt the school district was lying. Other teens drove by in cars yelling the unprintable version of Lets go, Brandon.
    At no time was there a marked police car or uniformed officer in sight. 3 people in masks stood on the other side of the street holding a sign that said protect black women. from whom or what was not on the sign, and why only black women need to be protected was also not stated. Children milled about with the adults. It was probably far less dangerous than the opening of the new chick fila in Janesville.. I understand that a police presence WAS planned for that event.
    What a joke the Beloit School district is making of itself.

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