Manhattan: Miners Protesting in NYC Against Unfair Labor Arrested

November 4 2021 – Members of The United Mine Workers of America from all across the country marched to BlackRock HQ in New York City demanding the investment company “stop harassing union members” and end union busting tactics.

Demonstrators were also demanding to renegotiate contracts making them fair for union workers. People could be heard chanting in front the BlackRock HQ Building “What do we want? Contracts! When do we want them? Now!”

A union member who spoke to the crowd that gathered said, “In Alabama right now they’re trying to break our hearts. They’re trying to break our souls.

They’ve pulled us away from the picket lines for a short time. They’ve got a judge that put an injunction against us, that told us we had to stay 300 yards away from the picket line.

They put out videos on us that said we were being violent. They don’t put out the part where their cars have been hitting our people.”

Six demonstrators were arrested for allegedly obstructing traffic in front of the BlackRock Headquarters. Arrests made included the UMWA President Cecil Roberts.

Video by Karla Ann Cote (FNTV

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