Brooklyn: Police Involved Shooting, 2 Suspects At Large

November 03, 2021 Just after 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning in Brooklyn, one NYPD officer fired his service weapon at a suspects SUV from inside of a police cruiser during an altercation at a traffic stop.

Officers searching for shell casings

Authorities said, officers who were in the area for an unrelated investigation observed an SUV matching the description of a vehicle wanted for reckless endangerment.

When officers attempted to pull the vehicle over, the driver of the grey SUV allegedly caused a traffic accident and NYPD officers crashed their cruiser.

According to police, at least one shot was fired when the driver of the SUV allegedly revved his engine in a threatening manner causing the officer to fear being hit by the suspects vehicle.

SUV with bullets to drivers side window

The investigation is still ongoing.

Video by Daniel Valls (

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