Thousands Of Firefighters and Protesters Rally Outside Mayor’s Gracie Mansion Against the Mandates

October 28 2021 Manhattan, New York Thousands gathered outside of Gracie Mansion to protest against vaccine mandates. With a crowd that was made up mostly of municipal workers and first responders such as FDNY, SDNY, EMS, and NYPD.

Thousands listened as speaker Firefighter Jackie said “Let me be clear, we did not unite here at Gracie Mansion today because we are Anti vaccine. We are not anti vaccine. We are here because we are pro choice. The right to choose.”

The city mandate takes effect on Monday November 1, 2021. To which any city employee can be placed on unpaid leave if they have yet to receive at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Protestors holding American flags and a banner that says “Don’t JAB on me”

Supreme Court Judge recently denied a temporary restraining filed by the Police Benevolent Association to halt implementation of the vaccine mandate. The police union has also filed for an appeal.

One of firefighters union speakers repeatedly stated that they are not anti-vax and are only anti-mandate.

He also suggested if someone sees a bad sign, to take it down and called out a sign with a swastika on it. The firefighter demanded that it be taken down immediately.

As the event was winding down, some protesters dumped garbage on “NYC Mayor DeBlasio lawn” (Gracie Mansion) as thousands of FDNY, EMS and Sanitation Department gathered to protest vaccination mandates.

Daniel Presti, manager of Mac’s Public House who kept their bar open against pandemic closures and Mandates last year, declaring it an ‘Autonomous Zone’, spoke after throwing trash across to Blasio lawn.

“It’s great to see firefighters here and sanitation workers here but you know what? You left your brothers and sisters of the health care industry and the teachers, fall to the side. ” said Danny Presti after being told to “cald down.”

“You want to join the fight? Welcome to the fight, because it’s a fight! Just showing up while politicians and union leaders tell you what you want to hear will not accomplish anything. We have been speaking and doing things peacefully for over a year. Civil disobedience is the way forward.” said Presti.

A small counter protest was present after a call for action was posted online, asking people to protect the BLM vigil that has been erected at Carl Schurz Park since last year.

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