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Climate Activists and Press Arrested during Fossil Fuels Demonstration in DC

October 15, 2021. Climate demonstrators marched to the Capitol in Washington, D.C. and then proceeded to participate in a sit-in where they blocked an intersection and disrupted traffic.

Press member arrested during protest.

Demonstrators and a member of the press were arrested. Karla Ann Cote, a NYC based journalist was arrested while covering the action in DC. Cote, a fully accredited member of the press was escorted out of the demo and issued a ticket.

Today’s youth-led civil disobedience action at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., led to around 90 arrests and a total of 655 for the entire week of protests. Many arrested were demanding President Biden declare a climate emergency and end fossil fuel projects.

Video by Karla Ann Cote (FNTV

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