CHURCH FIGHT: Threats of Arrests, Allegations of Embezzlement, Prisoners Locked Out

October 3 2021 – QUEENS, New York:
Church Congregants threatened with Arrests, were locked out of their church by a Reverend accused of embezzlement, according to their attorney.
Parishioners made an attempt to enter their church on Sunday morning, this after a 5-year complicated situation. According to congregants, the current Reverend, who was removed from the church for mishandling funds, has now locked his parish out of the building.
An attorney shared a letter that they said was sent to the Reverend by the board, officially terminating him.

Today, the congregants gathered for Sunday service and when they attempted to open the doors they said the locks had been changed. They started by holding service outdoor and using the side entrance. An alarm was triggered and police were summoned to the church. Officers who arrived said that the Reverand called the police in response.
After discussing the situation with the congregants gathered, the police agreed that the situation was a civil matter and they left.

The congregants went inside the church for a prayer as alarms continued to ring in the background.

The board of New Covenant Church in Christ located in Queens Village voted out Reverend Mills for allegedly mishandling funds 5 years ago.
They say he used parish money to pay for his own legal fees.

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