Anti-mandate Protesters Disrupt Manhattan Restaurants, Refusing to Leave

September 29 2021 Manhattan, New York – Dozens of people occupied two cafes, Cava Cafe and later El Cantinero restaurant, where they sat down on the floor and refused to leave until they were served food. Police was called at both locations and the group complied with NYPD requests to leave.

Group chanted “A Bowl of Rice and Beans” and “Guacamole” as they refuse to leave Manhattan restaurant without eating. They were asked to show vaccine cards or vaccine passport and they refused.

“I ment to come out and have a good night and you fucked that up so now what?” says one of the diners to Antimandate protesters at Manhattan restaurant. Another diner starts chanting “Tuskegee tuskegee!”

Police who were called to the scene by the establishments have specified that they are not enforcing the mandates, they are enforcing private businesses request for trespassing.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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