Horse Carriage Protesters Spill “Blood” in Manhattan

On Monday September 27, 2021 Manhattan, NY members of NYCLASS and PETA protested outside of the Clinton Park Stables on W. 52nd St. The group protesting was demanding that carriage horses be taken off the streets of New York City or implement the use of electric carriages. Protestors were also calling for the release of a horse named Chief to a sanctuary for better care. Chief was involved in a crash with a vehicle and is recovering.

We spoke with Christina Hansen, a New York City carriage driver during the protest. She said

“I go to work every morning to make sure that our horses are safe and healthy and well cared for. Chief has been taken care of. He is okay. He is upstairs resting but they’re out here yelling in front of his stable, disturbing horses upstairs.

That shows you how much this is not about the horses. It’s all about an extreme ideological agenda. They don’t care that the horse is fine.”

Protestors poured fake blood onto the side walk during their demonstration and chanted “Mayor De Blasio, keep your promise” referring to De Blasio’s proposal to ban carriage horses.

We also spoke with Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa who stood with his wife Nancy, a long time animal advocate at the protest.

“Other cities in third world countries have discontinued the barbaric method of having horse drawn carriages. Now think of it, Mumbai, aka Bombay in India. Guadalajara in Mexico. Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

And we consider ourselves to be the most advanced progressive city in the world? How is this progressive?

If anything, it just shows you how, our elected officials are oblivious to the concerns of the horses.

And we already have an alternative, to hire the TWU Local 100 union members to drive the electric carriages that would replace the horse drawn carriages.

So nobody can say that men and women will be unemployed as a result of the discontinuation of the horse carriage industry, which Chicago has banned. Now imagine, Chicago leads New York City, come on.” Said Curtis Sliwa.

Video by Ken Lopez (FNTV

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