Man seen in FNTV Exclusive Interview arrested for allegedly pushing a police officer down the stairwell at the Capitol on January 6

According to court filings, he appears to push one officer backwards several feet, causing the officer to fall down a short set of stairs, allowing
the crowd to begin moving past the police line.

After being knocked to the ground, Officer
K.Y. was sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher by an unknown individual.

Man identified as Michael Eckerman then makes his way up a set of stairs to
the second floor.

Exclusive video interview shows a person fitting Michael Eckerman’s description states “I don’t know her name, all I know is we went there (Capitol) as patriots. She is dead because we’re here. These mother fuckers are traitors, they are fucking traitors!”

Michael Eckerman is innocent until proven guilty. He is one of over 600 people arrested in connection to the Capitol Riots.

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