Justice for Jan6 Rally Concluded with a few People detained

September 18 2021 – WASHINGTON, DC: An event, organized by ‘Look Ahead America’, called “Justice for J6” was held this afternoon, September 18, near the US Capitol. The event has been heavily promoted by the media and even marked as “False Flag” or a “Fed honeypot” by many in right-wing chats.

Over a hundred people gathered and at least 100 journalists outside the Capitol to rally for January 6th detainees.

Multiple people have been detained, some counter protesters, one man with a press sticker who reportedly had a knife and CNN bodyguard. Police stated “we have reports of multiple guns that’s why we are doing this”.

One person seen detained at the end, in black, appears to show police a gold badge.

Rally itself was peaceful and ended as planned. This is the 3rd rally that this group has held for January 6th detainees, however this is the only rally that got wide media attention.

A security fence was erected around the Capitol perimeter as well as the Supreme Court building. This is the first time that the fence has been erected since the inauguration.

The ‘Look Ahead America’ organization’s director, Matt Braynard, a former Trump campaign operative, has stated that the rally is strictly for their cause and asking for attendees to stay peaceful and not wear political clothing or markings: “Do not wear or bring political, candidate, or another organization’s paraphernalia”.

The September 18th rally will also be attended by organizers and members of CAPP (Citizens Against Political Persecution), who have held two rallies in NYC calling for justice for January 6th detainees, stating that those detained are policical prisoners.

This will be the third event held by the organizers in DC, previous events were held earlier in the Summer and were lightly attended. This event is expected to be the most attended yet.

The first event in NYC was held on June 27th.

The second rally was held on July 26th at the same location, in Foley Square, New York City and this time was met by a counter-protest of Antifacists, attracting heavy media attention.

At least 643 people have been charged in the Capitol Storming on January 6th so far. Five people died during the event, including Ashli Babbitt who was shot by Capitol Police inside the Capitol Building.

The day before January 6th riots hundreds gathered in Washington DC to attend Stop The Steal rally at Freedom Plaza

After the rally some attendees of the protest went towards BLM Plaza in front of the White House, to “hunt antifa,” resulting in a fight with security guard.

D.C. police charged two women from the video with simple assault after an fight that led to a special police officer punching a Trump supporter, an incident caught in a video by FREEDOMNEWS.TV journalist, that went viral.

Officer Ashanti Smith said that she was grabbed and dragged by a group of Trump supporters on the night of January 5th.

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