“Please take away the mask mandate so me and my friends can breathe” – Loudoun School Board meeting

September 14 2021 – LOUDOUN, Virginia:
“Please take away the mask mandate so me and my friends can breathe.” A fifth-grader said, addressing the school board meeting for the Loudoun public school system on Tuesday evening.
Dozens of people waited in line to speak. Several people who attended but refused to wear masks were removed from the meeting by security guards.
One man in a MAGA hat, addressing the school board asked, “How long are we going to play make-believe? ‘Cause right now we’re make-believing that these masks work.”

“My family of 5 survived the two days of sniffles” said another of the parents during the school board meeting before removing her mask and asking, “hashtag, where is my healthy person card.”
Well known Trump supporter Scott Presler also attended the meeting to speak out against the mandates.
Before the meeting, a surreal sight as the schools marching band played to a nearly empty room, despite the dozens who were waiting outside to speak at the meeting.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

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