President Biden Tours Queens, Welcomed by Protesters and Supporters

September 7 2021 – QUEENS, New York:
As President Biden toured a neighborhood along Astoria Boulevard in Queens on Tuesday afternoon, supporters and protesters lined the streets to get a glimpse of the President and send him a message about climate change.
Many residents whose homes had been flooded gathered outside their homes to wave to President Biden as his motorcade passed, but some were there to demand an end to a controversial pipeline and to end the use of fossil fuels.

During his visit he made remarks saying, “… when I talk about building back better, I mean, you can’t build to what it was before this last storm. You’ve got to build better, so if the storm occurred again, there would be no damage — there would be. But that’s not going to stop us though. Because if we just do that, it’s just going to get worse and worse and worse, because the storms are going to get worse and worse and worse. “

“On Sunday, I immediately approved the disaster declaration of Governor Hochul to rush federal assistance to where it was needed here. “

Earlier in the day, President Biden arrived at New York’s JFK airport. He is in the area to survey damage from the remnants of Hurricane Ida which ravaged the tri-state area last week. The President traveled to New Jersey and then back to Queens, where he toured a neighborhood that was damaged by the storm, there he made remarks before returning to Air Force One and departing.

The President will be back in New York City on Saturday to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

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