“He Had His Hands Up” Family of Man Shot and Killed by Police Speaks Out

August 30 2021 Bronx, New York – Protesters, Cop watch, BLM Hawk Newsome and victim’s family gathered in the Bronx on the scene of police involved shooting.

“Because of NYPD I have nothing,”,
“we are going to get the justice we deserve, the truth will come out” says wife Anna, of 24yr old Mikey Anthony Rosado who was shot and Killed After police said he Opened Fire On Off-Duty Officers this Sunday.

Protesters are marching through Bronx chanting “Say His name – Mikey” Hawk Newsome (Founder of BLM Chapter in NY) and victim’s son are chanting for his late father who was shot by police this Sunday.

They marched to the local precinct where they confronted the police. Upon arriving the group could be heard chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot!” as onlookers peered out their windows.

Mikey Anthony Rosado’s grandparents addressed the wall of officers standing in the street outside of NYPD’s 46th precinct. “His hands were up, they didn’t have to shoot him!” said Mikeys grandfather.

“He has a family, he has mother. He has a wife with 2 kids. How many of you there has grandkids, have kids? How would you like that to happen to y’all kids.” She pleaded with officers, as she clutched the bullhorn.

Video by Ken Lopez (FNTV)

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