Proud Boys Face-off with Black Block ‘Antifa’ in Portland

On Sunday, August 22 2021, members of the Proud Boys clashed with black block counter-protesters in an abandoned K-Mart parking lot, where right-leaning organizers threw a “Summer of Love” event.

Originally planned to be held in downtown Portland, the organizers stated that they moved the events location “to avoid confrontations.”

Counter-protesters in black block marched to the location of the event and it didn’t take long before fighting began between Black Bloc ‘Antifa’ and the Proud Boys. Flash bangs, pepper spray, and fireworks were deployed, loud bangs peppered the air as the two sides engaged each other with paintball rounds.

After the clashes proud boys went back to the parking lot, where they flipped over a vehicle that counter-protesters arrived in, chanting “Fuck Antifa”.

Later in the day, in downtown Portland, shots were exchanged between a man and the protesters in black block, at least one man was arrested and nobody was hurt. The man who initially opened the fire was identified as Dennis Anderson, according to PPD

At the Portland Autonomous Zone around 9pm, the streets were quiet. The zone appeared to be abandoned, shields and padding and gear were left behind as if a fast retreat had occured. Only two people who appeared to be locals and a couple of protesters mingled around. A bon fire can be seen still burning.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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