Schumer Calls for Feds to “Crack Down on Fake Vax Cards”

August 15 2021 Manhattan , New York – Schumer called for the feds to “step up their efforts to ameliorate this problem before it gets worse”, by cracking down on illegal vaccination cards production and distribution.

“They are paying money for a fake card and risking prosecution” said Schumer in a press conference, urging Feds to crack down on Fake Vax cards. “Who could be that dumb, who could be that dumb, the vaccine is free, the vaccine is safe, get the vaccine”

Schumer said that Department of Justice must prioritize cases that involve breaking the law in this regard, as well as deploying an educational campaign that explains “why this is wrong and the consequences.”

Schumer also commented on situation in Haiti as well as Afghanistan: “Job number one is for us to bring all American personnel”, “But second, all of the brave Afghans who helped our military.” “Third, there are a lot of Afghans who helped us indirectly, through ngo, through the free press, they need to make real efforts to bring them home as well”.

Video by Scootercaster and @NewYorkCityPeople (FNTV

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