NYPD Lieutenant shot in foot in The Bronx

July 30 2021 Bronx, New York – NYPD lieutenant was shot in the foot just before midnight in The Bronx following a gunfire that erruppted at Lyman Place and East 169th Street.

At the press conference NYPD Commissioner Shea said that the uniformed officers left the vehicle when they observed a man they believed to be in possession of a weapon.

Upon exiting the car, the man allegedly took off running, according to NYPD. He was approrehended after 50 feet when a struggle ensued, according to police.

“During this struggle we believe the individual fires one round, which strikes our lieutenant one time in the ankle”, “which then strikes a nearby parked car.” added Shea.

According to Shea, the suspect is a known gang member who was arrested on gun charges 8 months ago, he was taken into custody with no injuries.

Uniformed NYPD lieutenant was shot in the foot, taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok.

Video by Dakota Santiago (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

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