Suspect says it’s a “prank that went way out of hand”, charged with Assault on Police officer and food Tempering.

July 15 2021 – BROOKLYN, New York:
A Doordash delivery driver tampered with a food order that was supposed to be delivered to the 61st precinct on Monday according to police.

Lance, a 30 year old delivery worker, said it was just a prank that went way out of hand, “they got no note, no nothing” as he was walked out of the precinct.

In a video on social media, a person could be seen sticking a note that read “Hope that **** taste good,” inside a Chipotle container, using his bare hands. Food was reportedly delivered to an officer at the precinct. The officer had apparently started to eat the food before he found that note.

The charges against Lance are assault on police officer,
Tampering consumer products, criminal tampering in the 3rd, said police.

Video by Ben Cohn (FNTV

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