OPINION: ‘Hometown Heroes’ – Journalists Special Edition

July 7 2021 Manhattan, New York – New York City held a #tickertapeparade today to thank Essential Workers who worked tirelessly through the pandemic, “Hometown Heroes.”

In addition to all the brave frontline workers honored in today’s parade, I want to thank journalists.
Many journalists, reporters, photographers and videographers were out every day from the start of the pandemic.

These people were out on the streets when most people were quarantined at home, when people were told to stay home because death rates were skyrocketing and the hospitals were reaching their breaking points.
Journalists went out to document what was going on, even when we did not know what risk the virus may be.

I filmed morgues, I followed funeral home workers and documented how they dealt with pandemic, filmed morticians, refrigerated trucks and interviewed people who said they may be infected.
It was a life changing year for everyone.

I made this video because I want to include members of the media in thanking the essential workers. What you do is important, and I love you all.

Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

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