Device explodes near Synagogue, FBI and Bomb Squad Responds

June 25 2021 Queens, New York – Police confirmed an exploded device outside Jewish Synagogue around 8pm at Metropolitan Ave and Lefferts Blvd in Queens. Police ordered all other units to other synagogues in the area, FBI, counterterrorism and bomb squad were on the scene.

According to people on the scene, the explosion was a firework. One neighbor said it shook his house. Multiple witnesses were unable to speak on camera, another witness said this may have been a result of a dispute with a cab driver.

Scene of the van that was searched by bomb squad and the FBI, shows van’s door ripped off and inside ransacked.

NYPD put out a statement on Twitter: “The NYPD is investigating an incident at 8233 Lefferts Blvd. in Queens. The incident appears to be a dispute between an individual on the street and two individuals in a van. It appears that the van tossed a firework onto the sidewalk which was set off as they drove away.

At this time it appears the incident has no connection to a synagogue in the vicinity.”

Video by Oliya Scootercaster, @NewYorkCityPeople, Usman Chohan and Daniel Valls (FNTV

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