Violence Errupts as Police Use Physical Force to Enforce the new 10 p.m. Curfew

June 5 2021, Manhattan, New York – chaos erupted as the new 10pm curfew neared at the Washington Square Park. Groups chanting “who’s park, our park” as a large line op cops in riot gear gathered at the entrance, by the arch. Just around 10pm as a few bottles were thrown at the police line, NYPD declared it an unlawful assembly.

On the previous night police went into the park and repeatedly warned park goes about the curfew, later indicating which exit to take. Saturday night, as some protesters gathered by the arch, police pushed through the park attesting multiple people, including some confused Park goers.

As some groups refused to leave and some people threw glass bottles at the cops, total chaos erupted.

After cops shut down the Washington Square Park, arresting multiple people who refused to disperse, they chased remaining crowd through West Village for a few blocks. People ran through restaurants and streets, as cops chased and arrested them.

The park started getting shut down at 10pm last weekend. After the neighborhood organization complained of noise, left over trash in the morning and parties that went into the night.
Later statements were also made that closing is due to crime occurring within the park.

Video by Scootercaster and @NewYorkCityPeople (FNTV

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