Cops Shut Down Washington Square Park

June 4 2021 – MANHATTAN, New York: Washington Square Park closed tonight at 10pm with police in riot gear telling people they must leave the park.

Several police cars entered the park from different sides and announced over their speakers that the park was closed and people must leave.
Only a few stragglers refused to leave the park. The police ushered them out and closed the gates behind them.
Within 15 minutes the park was completely emptied of people.

The park started getting shut down at 10pm last weekend. After the neighborhood organization complained of noise, left over trash in the morning and parties that went into the night.
Later statements were also made that closing is due to crime occurring within the park.

According to online reports, Union Square Park was also closed and barricaded by 10pm

While the park was supposed to shut down early for two weekends, it is possible that this time frame will be extended.

On June 5th 2021, multiple people arrested as cops Shut down Washington Square Park, total chaos of pepper spray, bottles thrown and cops chasing people.

Video by Scootercaster (FNTV

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