Dianne Morales Interrupted during the speech, People Demand an Apology

Dianne Morales, Democratic mayoral candidate, spoke at the weekly Stonewall Inn protest held in West Village, Manhattan.

During her speech she was interrupted, some of the attendees demanded that she starts with an apology.

In response, Morales offered an explanation to the recent controversy within her campaign.

When the news broke that several people involved in the effort to unionize within the campaign have been terminated, Dianne put out a statement : “my staff bravely came forward to discuss allegations related to racially-based biases and sexual harassment claims at the hands of two staff members and we decided to make the swift decision to remove those staff”, “In the same pre-scheduled staff meeting on Monday, my staff informed me they wanted to unionize. I immediately told them they had my support.” added Morales in her press release. Some members of her campaign called for Dianne to suspend her candidacy.

Morales campaign staffers gathered last week and accused her of underpaying them. Dianne Morales’s top adviser joined a rival campaign of Maya Wiley’s.

Video by Kevin RC Wilson (FNTV http://www.Freedomnews.tv)

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