Curtis Sliwa vows to launch ‘Squeegee Men’ Buyback program

June 1 2021, Manhattan, New York – Curtis Sliwa, candidate for New York City Mayor, reintroduced the 30-year-old Giuliani squeegee “wipe out plan.”

According to Sliwa’s press release, New York City’s infamous “Squeegee Men,” known for harassing motorists, blocking traffic, and aggressively demanding money from drivers was wiped out by the “wipe out plan” nearly 30 years ago.

The “Squeegee Buyback” program will provide an incentive for the panhandlers to put down the squeegee.

Sliwa discussed increased enforcement of the illegal act, which is punishable by 16 days in jail and a $100 fine.

“We’re going to sit down and negotiate a buyback program to get the squeegees out of their hands, the buckets no longer filled with water…” Regarding drivers who are returning to the city, Sliwas said, “the squeegee posses become a menace to all of them, they’re not coming in.”

Video by Steve Sanchez (FNTV

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