Evelyn Yang Denounces ‘Racist’ Cartoon by Daily News, Andrew Yang Speaks on anti-Asian Attack in Queens

May 25 2021 – QUEENS, New York:
Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang spoke about the attack that occurred yesterday, where an Asian man was shoved onto the train tracks of an oncoming subway train outside the 21st street Queensbridge subway Station.
Evelyn Yang also spoke on the Dailynews cartoon that recently made news.

“People think we don’t belong here” she said, while tearing up. She explained why the Daily News cartoon depicting her husband as a tourist in Times Square is racist.
They also said that attacks by other Mayoral Candidates, saying that Andrew Yang doesn’t belong in NYC, are not acceptable.
Andrew Yang also answered a question about the mentally disturbed, saying that in certain cases they should be treated even against their will.
After the press conference, Andrew Yang walked through the subway station where the attack occurred and took the train to Bryant Park.

Video by Scootercaster (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

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