Chaos in Times Square as Fights Break Out Between Pro-Palestine and Pro-Israel Protesters

May 20 2021 – MANHATTAN, New York:
Brawls broke out during pro-Israel rally and pro-Palestine counterprotest this afternoon in Times Square. Dozens of fights and Arrests.

Police chased protesters through the streets as they tried to keep the two sides apart. Trash cans, plants and barricades were thrown, while some of the Pro-Palestine protesters continuously fixed the things that were knocked over, at one point a rack of sunglasses was pulled down, some protesters returned the glasses and apologized to the store owner.

The event scheduled was a Pro-Israel rally, Heshy Tischler and Rubenstein spoke to the group.

Before the pro-Israel group appeared, there was a heavy NYPD presence, they set up barricades and were all around the area. When Pro-Israel rally began and the counter protest appeared minutes after, we did not see police presence readily available. Fights broke out minutes later and police detained multiple people on both sides.

Our videographers were not in diamond district during the firework incident, therefor we are unable to provide that footage.

Mask Liberation Day “Burn Baby Burn”

One in Custody after a Jewish man was assaulted during yesterday’s demonstration