Cops have arrested 2 suspects who attacked 4 men within 15 minutes in NYC subway

May 14 2021 – MANHATTAN, New York:
In the space of under an hour, 5 separate slashing attacks occured on subway trains in Manhattan and the Bronx.

The first was reported in Union Square Station just before 4:30am, the victim was sitting on a down on 4 train and said he was approached by two men and slashed in the face.
The next two victims were on the same train, one punched in the face, the other slashed in the nose. Those victims exited at the next stop, Astor Place.
The fourth victim was robbed of his cell phone and money before being slashed in the face. He exited at City Hall station.
The fifth victim approached police around 5am in the Bronx saying he had been approached by 3 men and then stabbed in his eye, and slashed in his back and neck.
This follows four assaults on riders just 2 days ago, and a few weeks ago, a subway conductor was attacked and hospitalized.
Police say that Subway crime is down, but felony assault is up.
The NYPD transit bureau tweeted, “In the span of an hour this morning, several subway riders were the victims of unprovoked assaults, likely perpetrated by the same suspects. We won’t stand for these acts of violence in our subways. Detectives are pursuing all leads & these criminals will be brought to justice.”

Later in the day NYPD said they had arrested two suspects. Investigation is ongoing

Video by Daniel Valls (FNTV

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