Shouting, Fights and Dancing at Pro-Israel Protest in Times Square

May 12 2021 – MANHATTAN, New York:
Hundreds of supporters of Israel gathered in Times Square to oppose Palestine and support Isarel. A smaller group of Anti-zionists Orthodox Jews also. gathered across the street to counter-protest.

Police cordoned off two large areas, one for demonstrators on each side of the street, eventually blocking each sides view of the other with dozens of police vans.
The Israel supporters danced and sang and celebrated with each other, but occasionally tensions would rise and fights would break out.
Activist Heshy Tischler was in attendance and at one point went to the opposite side and police had to urge him to leave.

At one point after a heated argument, Israel supporters chased and tried to grab a Palestine supporter. Not long later another counter-protesters was surrounded and shoved before police came and took him away.
The group then chased off a pair of women who called the zionists and pigs, the police held back the protesters.

Video by NewYorkCitypeople (FNTV

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