Protesters Arrested after Statues in Columbus Circle NYC are Painted

April 22 2021 – MANHATTAN, New York:
Police reported items being thrown at them and that red paint was thrown at Statues in Columbus Circle earlier tonight.
It appears that someone painted the ground and statues in and around Columbus Circle including the Maine Monument, paint writing said “Stonewall Was a Riot” and “Fuck 12”.

NYPD stated over the scanners that they are looking for a black female wearing a white wedding dress.

TARU and Hostage Negotiation Team was requested, they proceeded following a group to Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan, from where the protesters appeared to start dispersing.

About 30 minutes later, when the group was smaller in numbers, NYPD moved in and multiple people were arrested. According to protesters on the ground, one of the people was taken out of the uber in order to be placed under attest.

Police said six people were arrested for assault and damage to public property

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