Proud Boys and Trump Supporters Attend MAGA Fest on the Last Day of Trumparilla

April 18 2021 – LARGO, Florida:On the final day of Trumparilla Maga Fest, Trump supporters and Proud Boys gathered at Conservative Grounds in Largo, Florida to spend time together and wave flags celebrating Trump and the finale of the festival. 

Several attendees met earlier and arrived in a caravan with Trump flags, driving in from Tampa, and were greeted by the flag waving supporters.

They were confronted several times by angry passersby who flipped them off and yelled from their cars reminding them that Trump lost. However those at the festival were unphazed.

Trumparilla was a three-day event, starting on Friday with a VIP fundraiser for Roger Stone.

Stone spoke to attendees of the event, voicing his dislike of cancel culture, censorship, and vowing to fight back against those who are persecuting him and his wife.

On Saturday, the Boat Parade flotilla, “Storm The Bay.” Hundreds of boats floated down the water today, for an unofficial boat parade in place of the canceled Gasparilla.

Attendies have criticized the city of Tampa and its Mayor, for hosting parades for recent championship celebrations but not for an annual Gasparilla tradition.

And finally a farewell celebration at Conservative Grounds, a Trump-themed coffee shop.

From the cafe’s website: “Conservative Grounds is creating a network of places where Conservative Comraderie can take place without the scourge of Liberalism.”

Videos and Photos by Oliya Scootercaster and @Newyorkcitypeople (FNTV

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