Andrew Yang Told to Leave Protest after Riding Across BK Bridge for Daunte Wright

April 13 2021 – BROOKLYN New York: Andrew Yang joined a group of 150 bike riders who gathered in at the Barclay’s Center to ride for Daunte Wright.
The group rode across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. After they arrived at Battery Park, Andrew Yang was confronted and then ordered to leave by protesters who chanted “we do not want you here” and “shame, shame shame.”

Andrew Yang is a candidate for mayor of New York City who recently spoke about fully funding Anti Asian Hate Crime Task Force within NYPD.

Yang also recently tweeted about NYC needing a crackdown on unlicensed street vendors. “You know what I hear over and over again – that NYC is not enforcing rules against unlicensed street vendors,” he said. “I’m for increasing licenses but we should do more for the retailers who are paying rent and trying to survive.”
Yang later stated that he “regrets” writing it that way.

Video by Ben Cohn (FNTV

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