US Lawmakers Tour US Boarder on Rio Grande River, Texas

April 9 2021 – MISSION, Texas:
US House representatives arrived in Texas to tour the US-Mexico border outside Anzalduas Park, with Border Agents from CBP and Texas Troopers, to “see first hand the devastating national security, humanitarian, and health crisis” stated the press release.
Representatives, Steve Scalise, Rodney Davis, Michael McCaul, David Nunes, Nicole Malliotakis, Rishcard Hudson and others met with and asked questions of the officers in charge. They then boarded river patrol boats to tour the border with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Rep. David Nunes,who attended the tour stated “The sheer number and volume of young children coming by themselves, sometimes with young mothers with two or three children, but a lot of times with no one. We saw hundreds and hundreds of them today and last night.”

“It’s unfair to everyone involved, these migrants are being exploited by the cartels that are making billions of dollars, encouraging them to make this peralish journey” said Rep. Nicole Malliotakis

Christopher Olivarez, a Lieutenant with the Texas Department of Public Safety said: “US Boarder patrol, they are overwhelmed, they are tied up with all these migrants, processing them, so it takes them away from the field, takes them away from the river and now you have these open gaps along the river, along the border.”

“Now these cartels are exploiting these situations, because they know the border patrol is tied up, they know there are not that many agents, to fulfill the needs along the border, so that’s where we come in and help them with this situation” Lieutenant Olivarez added.

Videos by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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