One arrested in a 60 block car pursuit after fatal East Harlem shooting

March 15 2021 Manhattan, New York – According to the New York Police Department, a man fell victim to a late night shooting out in East Harlem, what followed was a police chase through the city in pursuit of two suspects.

The victim was an adult male, assumed to be in his 20s, who was shot on the 1st Avenue and 118th street corner.

Officers who arrived to the gruesome scene found the victim lying unconscious after suffering a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Police also discovered a firearm that was nearby the victim, whether or not this belonged to the victim is still unknown.

The shots had alerted nearby officers, responding to an unrelated issue, to a silver BMW which quickly fled the scene.

  The chase, which progressed southbound along the FDR drive brought the police to East 53rd Street—making it a nearly 60 block pursuit. Along the way, a firearm had been thrown from the fleeing vehicle, eventually leaving the passenger to flee the car near East 53rd Street. Police say they’ve captured the suspect in the front passenger seat as well as retrieved the discarded firearm.

The victim, who had suffered fatal gunshot wounds, was transported to a nearby hospital where he was officially pronounced dead. His identity has yet to be disclosed to the public.

The driver, as well, has yet to be found. Police say they’re searching the area for a silver BMW with a Virginia license plate.

Videos by Dakota Santiago (FNTV

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